Who The Fuck Is Alice?

The ten most interesting unanswered questions of the world.

  1. Who the fuck is Alice?
    Before you send an e-mail and ask for information:
    The original version of the song ("Living Next Door To Alice") is from Smokie (1976). The new version ("Alice, Who The Fuck Is Alice") is from Gompie (1995). Apparently the "Who The Fuck Is Alice" idea has been around for a while. At least since 1992 (Thanks to Brendan King for that hint).
  2. Wo ist Behle? An entirely German mystery.
  3. When it rains, why don't sheep shrink? from Alison Krupin
  4. Why is it called rush hour when nothing moves? from The Big Question (no longer online)
  5. If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them? from Alison Krupin
  6. How do the stripes get into the tooth paste? from Nini
  7. Why do 7-11's (or any 24 hour store) have locks on the door? from The Big Question (no longer online)
  8. If virtual reality is virtual then why is it called reality? from Anurag Jain
  9. Why do kamikazee pilots wear helmets? from Meggie
  10. Why do we park in the driveway, yet drive on the parkway?from Loxrat

The most important question of all: Where am I going to get more sensible ideas for this list? Contributions are more than welcome!

Created by Jochen Beier