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2004: A word of warning - Money
Iceland is a gorgeous country (ok, the weather is debatable). The downside, however, are the costs of a holiday there.

For a four week holiday for two people (including car hire (the smallest available), staying in sleeping bag accomodation, usually self catering, only two tours (wale watching and boat trip on Jokulsarlon), no rock bottom holiday but no luxury either) expect to pay around 4500 - 5000 (excluding flights) (that was in 2004).

The worst of all: prices for alcohol. So bring as much with you as you can carry (or are allowed to carry). A 1l bottle of rum form the duty free shop could be a very suitable additive to the odd cup of hot tea (remember the weather)!

2010: Update
While the economic crises surely has hit Iceland hard, it has had a very positive effect on the exchange rate of the Kr nur (at least from the tourist point of view). Iceland is still not a cheapy, but prices tend to be on a "normal" European level now and are not as astronomic as they used to be. There are excemptions, however. Prices for alcohol, beef and the Blue Lagoon are still quite stiff. The latter doesn't even quote the entry in Kr nur anymore. They seem to have adopted the Euro.

Guides (Books and Online):
My experience with the Lonely Planet Guide Books series is generally good. This of course largely depends on what kind of information you are looking for. If you are on a prebooked itinerary and are solely looking for in depth cultural and historical information the LP guides are not likely to be of much help for you.

Wikitravel, Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Getting there and around:
Airlines, Buses, Ferries, Timetables ...

Reykjavik Excursions (Bus Travel around Iceland), Str t (Local Transport in Reykjavik), FlyBus (Airport Transfer)

Herj lfur (Vestmannaeyjar/Heimaey), Smyril Line (Denmark-Faroe-Iceland)

Airlines & Airports:
Icelandair, Keflavik International Airport

Car Hire:
Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget, Atak, Hass , Randburg

Travel Agents and Tour Operators:
Nordic Adventure Travel, Nordic Visitor Iceland, West Tours, Iceland Travel

Places to Stay:
There are no "independent" hostels like in many other countries. However, plenty of the private guesthouses ("Gistiheimelid") also offer sleeping bag accomodation (make sure you take one with you) at simliar rates as the Hostelling International hostels. They can be excellent value not only if the HI hostels are full or too far away.
Icelandic Hostels (including the Guesthouses) are clean and very friendly ... and usually have a pretty poorly equipped kitchen.
See also the Tourist Board web sites.

Hostelling International Iceland, Accomodation in Iceland, hey Iceland

Tourist Boards, Cities & Towns, Regions, Historic Sights, Conservation & Nature:

Tourist Boards:
Visit Iceland
Visit Reykjavik, Visit Reykjanes, Visit South Iceland, Visit Austurland, West Iceland, Visit Westfjords, Visit North Iceland

Cities & Towns, Regions:
Reykjavik, Str t (Busses Reykjavik), The Map of Reykjavik, Sey isfj r ur, Visit Vatnaj kill

Commercial ... but full of information:
Guide to Iceland

Katla, Reykjanes

Always on the agenda when you're travelling! The ultimate source for up to the minute information about the weather are of course the web cams (see the Web Cam section further down).

Icelandic Met Office, WetterOnline

Web Cams & Photographs:
See where you could be now instead of sitting at home, or (even worse) at work.

Mila - Live from Iceland, WorldLIVE, Google Maps

Volcanic Activities:

Recent Earthquakes, Aviation colour code map, Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes,, Iceland Geology, Nordic Volcanological Center

Geldingadalir 2021:
Hiking and Parking,, Volcano Weather
Time laps of the first days, Augnakonfekt i Natthaga (RUV)

Eyjafjallaj kull 2010:
All about the eruption on Wikipedia, How to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull, ISLAND 24.3.2010-30.3.2010, Original Eruption Crater (Video)

The Rest of The Stuff:
All the links that didn't fit in the other sections.

Traffic info, Icelandic Roads and Coastal Administration, Safetravel, Discover Iceland, Arctic Coastway, Maps of Iceland, National Land Survey of Iceland, Directorate of Customs,, Statistics Iceland

North Sailing, Gentle Giants, Blue Lagoon, Jokulsarlon

IcelandReview, RUV,

What's On:
What's on, Reykjavik Arts Festival

Collections of Iceland links and internet portals:

Iceland on the Web, Iceland Naturally, Island Ringstra e, Wanderungen über das Hochland Islands, auf-den-Berg - Wandern Island

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